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How do you handle this?

The distraction recent reports have caused are just another thing the defending Super Bowl champions don't need.

Very interesting story has blown up in the media the past couple of days. I am talking about the New Orléans Saints, currently America’s sweetheart team, allegedly covering up the theft of Vicodin from their medical room. Oh and just to be clear, if the accusations are true then it is considered covering up a felony. Those implicated in the lawsuit are three very high-ranking officials in the organization. The head coach, the assistant head coach and the general manager. Currently the situation is under investigation but that is not what interests me. What I am wondering is if, when this all plays out, will the league pass down any punishment and what might it be?

Roger Goodell has placed his stamp on the commissioner’s office through punishing those who tarnish the shield. Part of the job he probably does not enjoy but it is necessary. However, this usually consists of players that have put themselves in these situations. Even when the legal charges get dropped, like with the case of Ben Roethlisberger, there can still be some kind of punishment. Now, you have two coaches and a general manager implicated. Is this a case where they need to be punished as well?

If the commissioner does decide that there is warrant for a punishment, what kind of punishment should it be? I suppose that the two coaches could be suspended for a number of games just like players, but can you suspend a general manager from a game? I am sure that the men are first worried of being cleared of any wrongdoing and getting the suite to be dropped but it is something that has crossed my mind and I am sure others have thought of the same thing.

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