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With the conclusion of the Men’s NCAA Tournament there have been some in the media that have considered seeing a Cinderella team make it to the Men’s NCAA football championship. If it can happen in basketball then why can’t it happen in football? Well some do think it can happen and some don’t and I must say that I would have to side with the latter.

Andy Staples makes a very good argument in his article (linked in at the bottom) that it could very well happen and it could this year. His main argument is that it is all about prestige in college football. If you don’t have a big name then you aren’t going to the big game. This makes it tough for anyone outside of the big conferences to make it to the game. However, as he points out Boise State has a big name. He contends that with that big name and an undefeated season they could be playing in the national title game at the end of the season. These are what I think are the problems with this idea.

The problem I have with this idea is created out of probability. Going undefeated is a tough task. Every team you play paints a target on you back as who they most want to beat. However, Boise State does have the ability to do so as they have shown in past years. It is how they have earned that big name. Still, what happens when schools, oh lets say Ohio State and Alabama also go undefeated? Not saying that I think they will but these schools have even bigger names than Boise State. Alabama would even be going for its second national title in a row. You would have to assume that they would go over Boise State. It doesn’t even have to be those two teams specifically. Any school with a huge name could go just like in past years when Boise State went undefeated. So while he does make a good argument in theory, in reality all it is going to do is create some more drama which will make the season more exciting.

I will agree with many sports fans that Boise State is a good football team. They have a good coach and play well in big games. I just think that the reason a Cinderella can make it to a basketball title is because they are given a chance in the first place through a playoff system. Unless the format of football changes then I am not going to hold my breath.

Everyone remembers the exciting game between Boise State and Oklahoma. Boise State would probably even provide an exciting performance in the National Title Game. Still, do you really that the current system will allow them to reach it?

Andy Staples article : Butler nearly toppled Goliath; now Boise State can finish the job.

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