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Vacation in the Cold?

Before the whole McNabb to Washington media storm, there had been some discussion in the media over whether the Super Bowl should be held in cold weather venues. This comes about as the NFL considers awarding the new Jets/Giants stadium in New Jersey the 2014 Super Bowl. Remember that the game is in the winter, like this years was in February. Also that the stadium is not a dome but is open to the elements. Lets first consider the arguments against it, then those for it.

If taxpayers, many who will never enter the stadium, have to help shoulder the cost, then don't they deserve at least one Super Bowl in their City?

The main argument I have read against New Jersey hosting a Super Bowl has to do with fans who buy tickets to the game. Tickets for the Super Bowl can range from $1000 on up. So as some have suggested, who wants to pay thousands of dollars to go sit in the freezing cold with a possibility that it could be snowing. People come from all over the world, spend that much money and there is a chance that it could be miserable outside.

My thoughts on this is that we are talking about the SUPER BOWL. You know, the biggest game for a league that might as well just print its own money. Of course people will pay a ridiculous amount of money to got to it. If someone doesn’t want to there will be thousands lined up right behind them waiting for their chance at a ticket. I am pretty sure that the NFL could stop all advertisements for their league and still be the king of sports.

The next argument for the city is that the citizens of that city deserve to host it. One of the other big controversies in the NFL, and any other sports league, is the use of tax payer money to help build the stadium. That is everyone in the city has to help shoulder the cost. There is no way that everyone in the city will actually get to attend a game at the new stadium. Would anyone really want to look those people in the face and tell them no? “Oh I am very sorry but you can’t host the biggest sporting even in the country. It is just too cold here.” Thanks I will pass. Better yet I would just award them the 2014 Super Bowl.

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  1. kelsey
    April 7, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    You have interesting points. As someone who hates cold weather, I would much rather go somewhere warm for the Super Bowl or somewhere that does have a dome. But you make a good point about them deserving a chance to host it. Even if it is in a stadium without a dome somewhere cold, I’m sure the game would still sell out.

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