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Real over 3-D

As I was reading Andy Staples’ article over 3-D broadcasts in sports, I ran across a statement that got me thinking. He states “Sometime between five and 10 years from now, most of us will watch our sports in 3-D, and we’ll wonder why anyone bothers to actually attend the games.” Now Andy is not lobbying for or against watching in 3-D over going to the games. However, once a thought enters my head then I have to think it out. 

Already there are some definite advantages to watching football at home, it is more comfortable, better view, instant statistical updates, 

The first of ESPN's regular 3-D broadcasting will be a weekly broadcasts of a selected college football game

concessions are free and a refrigerator is just a few steps away. You get an up close look at all of the action for far cheaper than attending a game no matter what sport it is. The older you get makes these things all the more important.  Making the game more realistic on TV so the action jumps off the screen is going to make everything about staying at home even better. However, there is a definite downside as well. 

Attending the game lets you experience the people, pregame, intensity and tradition. You can take part in a rivalry, rush the field when your team provides a major upset, and sometimes even interact with the players. You tell someone that you watched that game on TV and it was amazing just to be out done when someone simply says well I was there. To be part of a crowed that drowns out a quarterback to help their team to victory. It is an aspect that all hard-core sports fans want to be a part of no matter what their age or how high they have to sit. 

In the end I would have to say that those people who would already watch the game home should definitely get a 3-D television. Still I doubt that it would impact all of the sports fans attending games. 

Below a link to Andy Staples’ article over 3-D broadcasts 

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